Basketball Legends

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Basketball Legends is a classic online basketball game featuring competitive 1-on-1 matches and a series of single player challenges to beat iconic NBA players. With addicting gameplay and smooth animation, Basketball Legends is a slam dunk!

Gameplay and Controls Of Basketball Legends

The main game mode pits your custom character against other players online. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to sprint, and spacebar to jump and shoot baskets. Time shots correctly including front and reverse layups, power dunks, and three pointers.

Defend the opposing player when they have the ball to prevent scoring. Master stealing, blocking shots, and rebounding missed baskets. Gain XP to upgrade your statistics and reach the top of the player leaderboards!

Single Player Campaign

The game’s campaign has you select custom teams to beat basketball legends like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, and Michael Jordan in fantasy matchups. Unlock and recruit defeated legends for your roster.

Tips and Strategies Of Basketball Legends

  • Use sprint judiciously to drive quickly for layups
  • Block close shots then grab rebounds
  • Draw fouls by driving aggressively when opponent is in foul trouble
  • Attempt threes to catch up when significantly behind


For fast-paced basketball excitement on the go, Basketball Legends delivers competitive 1v1 hoops action. Create your rising star, upgrade abilities, and conquer the court against AI legends and real opponents online!


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